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As my final project, a classmate and I collaborated to figure out how we could alleviate the stress that comes with drastic change in career, and provide adults with option and empowerment to undergo re-education/training. During the research stage of this project, I attended adult reeducation classes in the area contextual inquiry interviews as well as historical interviews with students and teaching staff. This research led us to key insights that became the framework for Step Forward:

  1. People going through reeducation or career changes prefer methods that allow them to be self-driven

  2. Validation from family and other support networks are necessary for continuation and completion of the reeducation process

  3. Moments of discouragement mostly stem from moments of stagnation


After analyzing what solutions currently exist in our problem space, we found that an online platform that

  1. allows you to explore jobs based on fieldwork, interest and past work experience while keeping track of your best next steps (ie. credentials, necessary expeirence to gain).

  2. grow your network

  3. get questions answered by other going through career changes 

  4. get validation, referrals and references from friends and family

be most beneficial problem space. With these desired elements we prototyped Step Forward.

ES21 The Innovator's Practice:  Finding, Building and Leading Good Ideas with Others

October 2016

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