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After conducting six contextual inquiries with tourist in Harvard square, my team and I shared our observations and interpretations to reveal insights into the problem space. On the left is a photo of our affinity diagram from class. 

From there we began to generate ideas to meet the needs of tourists at Harvard. We generated twelve ideas to focus on three of our biggest issues: navigation, connection and ability to personalize the visiting experience. Of these twelve we generated six storyboard for our best ideas. In sotryboarding these product concepts, we combined Harvard AR and Harvard Secrets VR to the become our final prototype. The storyboards and mock ups for the original two ideas can be found on the left. 

Once we decided on combining our photo filter application and our map based application we built two different paper prototype. On the left, you can watch a video that walks through our map based UI that has users interact with the app by "scanning" visually drawn building in front of them. Below this video are photos of our second prototype that focuses more on the discovery of the tour by directing people to buildings to find out hidden information about them. 

Map Based UI

Map Based UI

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