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ES 22: Design Survivor

February 2018 (Week Long Challenge)

For the first challenge of the semester, I was tasked with creating a journey map and product to change a particular behavior that would make the user a better person. As based on BJ Fogg's research on how change behavior, my partner and I sought out to change the behavior of busy mentally exhausted professional by increasing social engagement. For this project, I helped create the persona, create the solution and pinpoint where and how the solution could be implemented.

Our journey map show's the typically work week of our persona Kaitlyn Harris. Kaityln has a high sense of social isolation and a high work commitment. Even when she mentally occupied by work, she often finds herself too exhausted to engage with any close friends or family. 

My solution is LINK, an application that exists on a series of smart devices to prompt the user to reach out their loved one. As demonstrated on the second journey map, LINK senses via smart devices when the users has free moments -- either by the lack of activity or involvement in activities where they can multitask -- to change this behavior. 

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