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Colorscope was made to support up-to-date spatial planning through the use of aerial images for the provision of urban services and safety in São Paulo, specifically design for the local metropolitan level. The CSP team created this website as a tool for innovative and effective urban management to address city-users' needs and maintain a vision of integration, connectedness and sustainability in the modern world. Colorscope was born out of the desire to create and maintain effective transportation infrastructure for the city of São Paulo.

For the Colorscope project, I collaborate with a team of five to build this website. During this fifteen day long process, I built the front end of the website, connected the front and back end, contributed during the ideation phase and conducted user-research for the project.

You can look at the website here.

The code for this site can be found here.

More information about the the creation of Colorscope and the MobiLab experience can be found here.

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